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5-day MTB Orienteering

Czech cup events 8 & 9

July 2-6. 2005, Pilsen, Czech republic

5-days MTB-Orienteering 5-days MTB-Orienteering
Czech cup events 8 & 9 Czech cup events 8 & 9
July 2.- 6. 2005
Pilsen, Czech Republic
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(9.-10. 7. 05)
  • Rajec
  • City of Pilsen
  • Pilsner Urquell
  • Mercuri International
  • AF Engineering
  • Stock Božkov
  • Škoda Holding a.s.
  • Warmpeace
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Kos Plzeň (Orienteering Sports Club Pilsen), Czech Republic
  • till 1st July: training - please contact the organizers concerning your schedule
  • 1st July : arrivals, Event office opening
  • 2nd July : 1.Stage - short distance - 8th Event of the Czech cup
  • 3rd July: 2.Stage - free order - 9th Event of Czech cup and Czech championship
  • 4th July morning: 3.Stage - supersprint
    late afternoon: Orienteering Triathlon Relay
  • 5th July: 4.Stage - classic distance
  • 6th July: 5.Stage - middle distance, handicap start
  • from 7th July: facilities remain available for training
    please inform us about your plans
Main Centre:
Stage details:

Stage Venue Start
Map Approx. length
Ostende 13:00 0 km Bolevák, 1:15,000 45/40/35
(free order)
Ejpovice 10:00 10 km Kokotsko, 1:15,000 80/60/60
Chlum 10:00 4 km Chlum, 1:5,000 15/15/15
Valcha 10:00 10 km Valcha, 1:15,000 90/75/70
Ostende 10:00 0 km Krkavec, 1:15,000 60/50/55
O-Triathlon Relay
(A non-standard O-race
for teams
of 3 members)
Ostende 18:00 0 km Swim-O: Gambrinus
MTBO: Birrel
Foot-O: Pilsner Urquell
350 m
3 km
M-14, M15-18, ME, M19-39A, M19-39B, M40-
D-14, D15-18, DE, D19-39, D40-
and OPEN one for each gender for those coming at the last moment
Additional notes:
  • All stage venues accessible by bike
  • Individual stage participation possible
  • Babysitting during races provided for each day
  • Training maps available at the main Centre
Race terrains:
moderately hilly, high density of communications, very interesting and nice for MTBO and cycling in general
Entry fee:
  • 5-days MTBO
    Until Dec. 31, 2004: 10 Euro - extended until Jan. 14, 2005!
    Until Apr. 30, 2005: 15 Euro - extended until May 7, 2005!
    Until Jun. 15, 2005: 20 Euro - extended until Monday June 20, 2005!

    At registration: 25 Euro
  • Individual race:
    Until Jun. 15, 2005: 4 Euro - extended until Monday June 20, 2005!
    At registration: 7 Euro
Entries for the 5-day event also apply for Czech cup.
Provided by organizers:
  • 1. Camp Ostende - all camp capacity is reserved for 5-day MTBO
    Please use the online entry form to reserve accommodation, not the camp web site!
    140 beds in cabins/bungalows (Note: the number of beds is limited)
    Size of the cabins: 2, 3 or beds. Another option is a bungalow, with 5 beds, equipped with toilet, bathroom and kitchen.
    Price per bed: about 9 Euro/night (depending on a bungalow type)
  • 2. Camp Ostende in own tents - no limitation on number
    Price per person: 4 Euro/night
For other accommodation facilities see the Pilsen city information system
Parking in camp:
  • Car: near the bungalow/tent: 2 Euro/day
  • Bus: at a parking place: 8 Euro/day
Bike depository:
Those accommodated in cabins/bungalows may naturally store their bikes inside, if they wish so. A bike depository in the Centre area will be provided for the rest.
Cultural program:
Winner announcement and price giving ceremony after each stage.
*Large tent banquet with surprise every day*
Visit of the famous Pilsner Urquell brewery, Brewery museum etc.
Entries are accepted after payment realization and our acceptance sent per mail
5 days MTBO, Czech Cup: 1st July from 6 p.m. & 2nd July from 10 a.m. till 12 a.m.
Each stage: evening before the race.
Contact persons:
Jan Hasman, Lipová 242, 326 00 Plzeň-Letkov, CZ
Ondřej Hašek, Politických vězňů 23, 301 00 Plzeň, CZ
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