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5-day MTB Orienteering

Czech cup events 8 & 9

July 2-6. 2005, Pilsen, Czech republic

5-days MTB-Orienteering 5-days MTB-Orienteering
Czech cup events 8 & 9 Czech cup events 8 & 9
July 2.- 6. 2005
Pilsen, Czech Republic
Near the MTBO 5-days center World Cup 2003 World Cup 2003 Kos Pilsen: racing Kos Pilsen: racing Relay before start Kos Pilsen at relay Kos Pilsen: winter preparation Kos Pilsen: winter preparation Kos Pilsen: winter preparation Kos Pilsen: spring preparation Kos Pilsen: winter preparation Kos Pilsen: couching the youth Kos Pilsen: winning youth Kos Pilsen: racing again
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Podebradka Bike Adventure
(9.-10. 7. 05)
  • Rajec
  • City of Pilsen
  • Pilsner Urquell
  • Mercuri International
  • AF Engineering
  • Stock Božkov
  • Škoda Holding a.s.
  • Warmpeace

ATTENTION: we will bring the DVDs to BIKE ADVENTURE(2005/07/06)

Cool DVD you have had a chance to see in the tent yesterday evening, can be ordered at mail address info@mtbo5days.cz or/and to the Messages. We will confirm the orderes and bring the DVDs to Bike Adventure 2005 already the coming weekend!
Láďa Moulis has done a great job, although we had known he was good, we were still surprised HOW good he is... So the price about 200 crowns is quite a deal.

See you at BA05

Overall results(2005/07/06)

Overall, woth split times, all results are ready for you at Results

Results of the weekend part (2005/07/03)

Overall results, split times and current standing in the 5days MTBO event are ready in the Results section.

Start list ready(2005/07/01)

I have obtained start list from my colleagues and after a delay was able to put in online. I am sorry for the delay.


For empty stomach after your arrival(2005/06/28)

those interested in filling their tummies up after arrival to camp Ostende in the restaurant there, please report yourselves. The best way is writing a mail directly to the director.

Message from the designer of Stage 4 course:(2005/06/23)

I can finally report that I am DONE. It took me somewhat longer than I am used to, so I hope you will like the course. Put slikes one, take the light gears out, every gram will (not)be good. Indeed, this may be the most flying stage, so those trying to save power at the begining will end up regreting. The only thing you will have to be careful about is quite a number of used condoms.


Views of the course as well as of the designer.

Last extension of a submission subdeadline and FOOD (2005/06/17)

You can still (until June 15) enter competition for the May fee. That applies both to 5 days event as well as to any of the individual races.
MEALS: you can order meals at the restaurant located inside the camp!! More information in an email coming soon.

Last cabin available (2005/06/08)

We have managed to get one more 2-bed cabin at the camp Ostende. You can book it now - in case you are too late, don't worry, place for tents is still plenty...

Maps are ready(2005/06/06)

Mappers have finished their fight both with forest nymphs and with computer viruses. The result is data for our course designers...they managed to create a set of 5 maps covering the area of about 40 km^2.

End of the second discounted fee period and Murphy's law. (2005/05/3)

Dear MTBO competitors - specialists, easy riders, geeks practicing for Bike Adventure 2005 or friends of orienteering/biking and cool events in general
You can register for a discounted fee until the end of the first week in May.
All you have to do is to fill out entry forms until the May 7. and then come for the 5-day MTBO event in Pilsen. All information is available at the web pages, see the invitation.
Note: There are only a few cabins left. Nevertheless, there is a lot of space for tents!
Looking forward to seeing you in Pilsen!

Your currently mapping organizers

P.S. Why the delay?
Marphy's law has proved itself working again and while being on a business trip I was not able to react to a change at the provider side at a time most of you wanted to register. I appologize for a nonfuctional database at the entry forms. We hope you will use this week to easily filling up the forms.

92 of you have registered within the discounted entry fee period!(2005/01/15)

The period when those interested in spending 5 days in the saddle with a map of the fabulous Pilsen district on the handlebars could have registered for the lowest entry fee has just expired. More than 90 bikers have managed to register on time. Those of you who have not decided yet note that the next discount period lasts until April 30, 2005. Time runs fast, it is over before you realize. So, no more lingering and see you in Pilsen in July!
Current list of entries

All ready, entries accepted (2005/01/03)

We have got all the data necessary for starting the online entry forms and here it goes... Due to this delayed start, we have extended the first entry period with cheapest entry fee!
Moreover, as we have decided to buy all the camp Ostende capacity, please reserve your accommodation using the online entry form. You will then be 100% sure your accommodation is waiting for you.

You can also have a newly added map of Pilsen's vicinity with competition venues. Furthermore, there are map samples from four out of the five stages, so that you will know what you are going for.

Going online (2004/10/27)

First information is available on the net. Thanks for patience, registration forms will come soon.

5 days MTBO decided (2004/9/20)

What we have just been excitedly talking about while realizing the loads of work required, and what you have been dreaming about in your wildest dreams is here! Biking members of KOS Pilsen met and, encouraged by healthy consummation of the tasty Gambrinus beer, agreed that:
«   there are many beautiful biking areas around Pilsen
»   there are other ideas about what to offer you in sport, such as an Orienteering Triathlon Relay
»   or in cultural program (WC2003 participants may recall)
»   and, indeed, memories of the world cup 2003 event are worth refreshing.
So, we take a deep breath and hereby invite you for a 5-days MTBO event!

The dates every biker should reserve for the (possibly world??) first MTBO five days event in Pilsen, Czech republic, are July 2.- July 6. 2005. More about what to expect under Information.

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