Five days of MTBO in Pilsen

July 4.-8., 2007

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The Next Galleries on the Web (2007/07/09)

This two galleries are from Hasák and Mlátil

First Gallery from 5Days MTBO 2007 (2007/07/09)

Available at Kocik's photo gallery of MTBO5DAYS 2007

Camp comfort check-up

Centrum - Lesanka
Centrum-Camp A Centrum-Camp A_1 Centrum-Camp A_2 Centrum-Camp A_4 Centrum-Camp A_5
Centrum-Camp A_6 Centrum-Camp A_7 Byvavalo Zde bude parici stan
Camp B - Habr
Camp B 1 Camp B 3 Camp B 4 Camp B 5 Misto detskych radovanek
O-triathlon relay
Na startu stafet Pohled 1. useku stafet Voda uz ma 5st Camp B Hasakovi uvahy o predavce stafet

Flashbacks from the five stages of the year 2005 event

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5

Winter terrain survey (2007/01/07)

Rekognoskace Leden 07 Rekognoskace Leden 07 Rekognoskace Leden 07 Rekognoskace Leden 07

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PaPr 07