Five days of MTBO in Pilsen

July 4.-8., 2007

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Another loss; Päivi Tommola is looking for her gore jacket(2007/07/16)

It seems I lost my red gore bikewear jacket (womens, goretex) during the week. Has anybody seen it? Please let me know to my email or to the webmaster.


OAKLEY sunglasses (2007/07/11)

Sunglasses Oakley, clear with black frame, left in the centre probably by a member of the Austrian team can be brought to WC MTBO or BA next month. The owner just needs to let us know by writing to the webmaster.


Display/compare splitstimes in Splitsbrowser (2007/07/11)

We have just put the Splitsbrowser online so that you can see how did you do at any point of any stage. The data still need to be postprocessed, there are minor flaws caused by competitors who punched into their cards-maps. New data are coming soon, within the next couple dozens of hours...
All results under Results. You will need Java installed and enabled.


Loss of a softshell jacket(2007/07/11)

I am DESPERATELY looking for my favorite jacket, blue-black softshell, SIR JOSEPH, same as the Slovak national team jackets Lost jacket.
Has anybody seen it after the Saturday party? I was finished pretty early, nevertheless, the jacket is lost. Any news are welcome, please send them either to webmaster or directly to me.
Thank you!!!!



KOS Plzeň would like to thank all the helpers that have contributed to smooth competitions. You can imagine how hard it must have been to guard the checkpoints in the criminals-infested Bory park. Also, you were guarded when crossing main roads... Some of them are in the Dromedar club.


Order form for the 5days MTBO DVD(2007/07/10)

There is a new item Order movie DVD in the menu. You can choose how many pieces and where shall we deliver the DVDs.
Price is negligible, 200 CZK.


An interesting offer from RaMach (2007/07/10)

Dear competitors, you can have your pictures printed! Have a look at the photos published in section "Pictures". Every photo contain a special logo of Pilsen 5 days competition. One picture 10x15 costs 16,- Czk, more pics than 10 is charged by 12,-/pc. Overall winners have 1 picture free. Send me mail to bezvafotky at bezvafotky dot eu with No of the picture and how many do you want to print. It will be available at the WOC.


The Movie (2007/07/09)

In a few days you will have the possibility to order the 5 days DVD presented at the final party directly from this web page. The DVD will be distributed at World MTBO Championship 2007 and next MTBO competitions.


Next Photo portion (2007/07/09)

In the pictures you can find two new galleries from the world famous photographers.


First Photos from 5Days (2007/07/09)

In the section pictures see the first photo gallery from this year.


Final results (2007/07/08)

Pages are prepared, as soon as the results become available, the links under results start working.
And so it is now.


Results after four stages (2007/07/08)

Very slowly recovering from the last night party, I am almost able to put the preliminary results online. Naturally, results of the time trial along Bozkov channel (LUMRD Award) are there.


Results of the first two stages are online(2007/07/05)

Available under Results. All relevant information can also be found under the particular day.


Start lists for the first four stages are online(2007/07/02)

Available under Start list. All relevant information can also be found under the particular day.


Details for each stage were added to the Instruction bulletin(2007/07/01)

Bulletin is available under Instruction bulletin.


Instruction bulletin was relased(2007/06/27)

Bulletin is available under Instruction bulletin or directly here.


Venue change (E1) and scale change (E2) (2007/06/27)

  1. Change of E1 venue
    We have managed to locate the first stage near the Centre, there is no need to go anywhere. Its finish is going to be in the Centre and you will get to the start by following streamers. Map Kokotsko, located about 9 km from the Centre, can thus be used and you can practice there on Monday or Tuesday.
  2. Scale change in E2 (long)
    The forest is large and it would be a shame no to use it. And in order to fit the map to a reasonable paper size (A3), we had to change the scale to 1:20 000. All of you who will participate at WC surely welcome this change, as the long there will be on the same map scale.
    Isn't it the right action!?

Details in instruction bulletin.

Ondra Háša Hašek

Entry form is closing on June 27. at 15.00(2007/06/27)

Additional entries will be possible at registration in the Centre.


Catering in camps during the 5-days(2007/06/26)

Several options will be offered:

Details will be given in instructions.


"FINAL CALL"(2007/06/15)

Some of you are too busy, some have still not decided yet and keep discussing their entry with colleagues and friends....
So we have moved the deadline for entries before the fees go up until midnight of Monday June 18, 2007.


Honey from Šumava mountains(2007/06/13)

It may turn out into a new tradition: as the last time, there will be a chance to buy honey from diligent bees from Šumava mountains in the event centre. To see what you may buy, see the honey source.

Ondra Háša Hašek

All cabins are full(2007/06/05)

All cabins in all camps are full. What remains is to stay in tents or scan the options of accommodation outside the Centre.


Available cabins(2007/05/31)

reservation was cancelled for these cabins3x 4-bed cabin in Camp B (camp Habr u Volduch) and 1x small plastic 4-bed cabin in Camp C (Camp TJ Sokol Volduchy). They will become available for reservation on Monday, June 4 at 15:00. At most one cabin per connection can be reserved.

Futhermore, there is a space by Paula Darvodelsky, from Australia, who is now alone in a cabin in "Lesanka" (Camp A). Anyone interested can write to us.

Finally, we have compiled a list of other accommodation possibilities near (sometimes not that near) the Centre for those, who did not get a cabin and do not want to stay in tents.


Bike servis(2007/05/28)

Bike service and sale of some smaller spare parts will be provided in the centre between 5 - 8 p.m. after E1 - E4. More complicated repairs as well as sale of whole bikes can be handled after previous appointment or in the Hannah store on Americka street in Plzen.

Every competitor obtains a 10% discount voucher valid till the end of the year and applicable in any Hannah store. Hannah goods will be on sale in the centre for discount prices.

Radek P.R.Cek Svoboda

Kids corner(2007/05/27)

There will be an option for parents to leave their kids for the time they spend in the forest in our kids corner. Open for kids younger than 6 years.

Bike adventurer on MTBO(2007/05/12)

Honza Kopka will take us through the hardest bike race in the world, the "Iditarod Trail Invitational". You may know that he is the this year winner:

Radek P.R.Cek Svoboda

Culture at 5days(2007/05/01)

What culture can you look forward too at 5days?

Ondra Háša Hašek

Camps check-up(2007/04/02)

9 members of the organizing team used the last day of march for another terrain survey. This time we checked if the camps are ready, if the competitors will be comfortable enough and discuss creative ideas of the course authors. It was a beautiful day, water in the pond had about 5 degrees of Mr. Celsius, bottles of Gambrinus beer available at the garden, well, check it out at the pictures page.


Ondra Háša Hašek

Launch of entry form(2007/03/29)

English version of the entry form has been put into operation now. We have added class H50. The entry forms serves for registering the competitors and also for reserving accommodation. Of course, adding entries or accommodation requests is possible too.
Thank you for your patience, cheers in Pilsen.

Pavel Prautsch

Preface or invitation by pilsner bikers H&H(2007/03/10)

Hi bikers,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your positive response to 5-days 2005, that you and we fully enjoyed.

We agreed already during the first moments after the races were over that we must reward your diligent approach to racing and to our cultural programm by organizing another event in the near future. Slightly nostalgic memories may be recalled by having a look at pictures 2005.

Time is running amazingly fast and so you are now invited to the next MTBO 5days (2007), where we have chosen for you a new nice centre not far from civilization (25km E from Pilsen), but still hidden in beautiful forest that were just made for great races.

The organizing team had to conquer a scary number of Pilsen beer glasses, wear out uncountable chains and sprockets before a decision was made about the choice of new interesting terrains, that would later please the heart of a competitor who fell in love with biking with a map.

The proven model of a sequence of 5 stages was preserved. You can look forward to new terrains in the forests of the count Coloredo-Mansfeld, where the king stage (Czech Championship on Long course) will take place, and in Letkov near Pilsen (where bike marathon Giro is organized) A real supersprint in Bory park, where o-footers fought for medals from academic world championship in sprint three years ago, awaits you too.

We haven't forgotten the triatlon relay whose fighting spirit easily surpassed the Ice-hockey world championships finals.

Three reserved campgrounds located next to each other will surely unite our peloton and will provide enough place for romantics as well as for those thirsty for entertainment in the evening hours. There will be a worthy piece of it ready for them every evening.

We will do our best for you to enjoy the 5days MTBO ride as much as possible and will thus give us motivation for organizing another one soon.

Looking forward to seeing you in Habr,

Ondra Háša Hašek & Honza Hasák Hasman

We are excited (2007/01/20)

and having fun. Doing it all for gladly and for you

Information (2007/01/17)

Celebrating Hasák's birthday, we have also created information sheet for you. We are negotiating with owners and officials to obtain a permission for using interesting terrains of national park Radeč, pressing and pulling the owners of 3 great camps and contacting artists to fill the evening programs. Soon, we will start practicing ourselves.


Our orgasmators-enthusiasts have checked out the terrains and possible courses, see photos, and came back excited, raving, and peeing from excitement.


The extended committee (ÚV KOS) and orgasmating committee has by a tight majority (9:0) decided about organizing the 5days event.

PaPr 07