Results SplitsBrowseru(2009/07/09)


Results of all stages of MTBO 5D are readz in SplitsBrowseru. To be found at Some competitors who missed many controls were deleted, it would distort the results of others. There were not many of them though. Enjoy analyzing!


Big Thanks(2009/07/07)

to all competitors for their performance

whether during the races or during the parties. We must scold all who broke the rules and shortened the route by riding outside the tracks - fie, fie, fie!

For members of the organizing team,

yours Ondra Háša

P.S. Photos are online

DVD from MTBO5Days will be sold on Bike Adventure.

Or you can send an email to me at info at mtbo5days dot eu or to Jan Hasak Hasman

Mr. PaPr

Marika Hara and Lubomír Tomeček won the 5days 2009 in Pilsen(2009/07/06)

5D MTBO finished today by their last stage, middle with handicap start

Marika Hara, KOO_VEE, FIN, and Tomíno, A-team NOVO Bruntál kept their leading position from fourth stage, see results.
Thanks to all competitors for their great spirit!

Mr. PaPr

Watch your bikes!!!(2009/06/30)

Crisis is visible also by the fact that the danger of your bikes being stolen has increased.

Lock your machines properly!!

Updated start lists online(2009/06/30)

Start lists were updated with regards to your requests

Final version of Instruction bulletin ready(2009/06/30)

Instruction bulletin is online

Centre of the first stage moved! (2009/06/29)

New location of E1 Centre is by the open air pool in Sulkov

It is the same location as the start of E4 in 2005.


Start list(2009/06/26)

Start lists generated and available online


Last free cabins (2009/06/21)

Cabins got free in camp Bílá Hora

which is less than 2 km from the centre. These are cabins for 3 persons.


Entry form will be closed on June 21!(2009/06/19)

Additional entries after that day will only be possible during check-in

If you need to move the start in any direction, pls inform us by email. Thank you.


Organizers met...(2009/06/04)

Secret shots from organizers meeting on June 4 in a pub "Pod kopcem" prove that:


Pod Kopcem 1 Pod Kopcem 3 Pod Kopcem 3

About us...(2009/05/16)

Michaela Gigon shared her view on 5days 2007

in a nicely written article in MTBO.


Camp Bílá Hora and editing entries(2009/05/12)

camp Bílá Hora

Information as well as the accommodation booking form contain information on cabins in camp Bila Hora. Reservation form will be activated tomorrow, May 13, at 6 am. The cabins are not up to the standard of Ostende, this is reflected in their price.

Editing Entries

You might have already found out that you can edit your entries. All you need is to look up you team in the entry form.This will be enabled until June 15. You can change your SI card number, renting it or not without any impact on entry fee. Editing the entry in particular stages, though, will also influence the entry fee according to the editing date.

There is hence no need to report changes by email, all can be done online.


Guesthouses and details on cabins(2009/05/11)

List of Guesthouses

in the vicinity of the camp Ostende has been compiled. Link is also under Information.

Cabins in Ostende

are as follows:
- Bungalow is equipped with a fridge, shower, toilet, fits 4-6 people depending on how you lay the beds out.
- A quality cabins - new cabins, some of them with bedroom in the first floor, all equipped with a fridge
- B quality cabins - old cabins, one floor, fridge only in some of them, depending on how the camp owner moves them around.


More on accommodation(2009/05/10)

Cabins in Camp Ostende were gone in an instant

The remaining options are:
- tent or camper in the Camp Ostende
- cabins of worse quality than those in Ostende in camp Bila Hora
- guesthouses around Ostende

We will provide a registration system for Bila Hora in 2 days. List of guesthouses is being compiled and will be online by tomorrow night.

Registration and accomodation reservation(2009/05/05)

Are finally functioning

Due to some changes in registration stategy and there was a delay in stat-up of the forms. I hope this will be forgiven and that you will come in great numbers and enjoy the event as always.

See you soon in Pilsen, PaPr

Dear bikers with a map and a compass,(2009/04/26)

5days are approaching again !!!!

We have prepared various terrains in the vicinity of MTBO devoted Pilsen.
And as we decided that the 5days should grow, 2 world ranking events (WRE) were added. And no proper 5days should be without a Czech Championship on middle course.
We are looking forward for you having a great race, lively evening program, that you will spend 5 relaxed days filled with memories to last for the next 2 years...

for all organizers, your Ondra

PS: It has just been confirmed, that evening party after the second stage will be started by the same music band that did a great job at the last 5days..!!