Viderecord of Sprint

Anke mounted a camera to her helmet

and blended actual map cutouts to the record of her Sprint race. The cool result is posted on YouTube.

Results in Split Browser

Those enjoying course analysis

surely appreciate that Marťas imported 5D results to Split Browser. See at


Appeared during cleaning and sorting


Ztráty a nálezy

Lost and found

Those of you missing some stuff

have a look at what was left after you left and if you recognize your stuff, let us know

Lost and found

Photos from 5Days

As taken by KOS and by competitors

Bookmarks to first photogalleries are available in pictures section.

Results published

Look at Complete results in results section.

Split times in RouteGadget

Split times are ready in RouteGadget! Draw and compare your track with the best competitors!

Click here

Registration for E2 opened also in the morning of July 3rd, 2011

You can register in the centre of E2 stage until 9:30 a.m. Hurry up, start is at 10:00 am.

Security Warning

Dear participants,

you will find you have recieved orange identification strips in your registration bag. Please wear your strip visibly during your stay in Camp Ostende. Please keep a close watch at all people who would not wear it and stroll inside the camp. The camp is reserved for MTBO5Days participants only. We hope that this measure will help to prevent unwanted incidents and losses of your property.

Strips for family members are available at presentation desk.

Don't leave your bicycles unlocked.

How to get to E1 by bike

Can be found on a map in the section Area&maps.

Cesta na E1

Information bulletin

Iformation bulletin is online

and available for download in the section Instruction bulletin.

Start list

Start lists generated

If you have sent any additional request in the mean time, it is being processed. All new requests will not be accepted and postponed until registration.

Zhomolky Sprint

There is a lot of stuff to look forward at the Stage 3 sprint event.

Fast park tracks, short and steep climbings, technical downhills, and the network of paths and tracks that will make you feel dizzy. The Czech Cup in MTB cross-country was in the same area two weeks ago. Many new, technically demanding single tracks have been traced in the forest. You will be competing in the same area as the XC Czech Cup and some classes will take a crack at the single tracks which thoroughly tested the best Czech bikers, and which helped the technically skilled Pilsner biker Milan Spěšný to win the race. To have a rough idea what I’m talking about, you can check out the loop of the XC race and nice pictures, especially those from the technical parts. You may lower your bike seat little bit after checking some of them; the course setter recommends that especially for H21E and H21A classes. Under the Area&maps link you can find some map cutouts.


Where are the stages located? (2011/06/25)

Tomča prepared a map with locations of all centers. It is to be found in the section Area&maps.

Entry forms closing time (2011/06/21)

Not yet participating bikers

can enter until June 23. Entry form will be closed afterwards.

Welcome in Letkov (2011/06/19)

Dear bikers,

It is not just us who is looking forward to seeing you, but also the spectators. We can see it in the effort of the Letkov city mayor, a former Czech Army general, who served his last 8 years in the U.S Pentagon. To honor you, he has ordered a concert of a professional army music group to the garden of the community culture centre (village pub) on the first stage afternoon .


PHOTOS (2011/06/19)

Hard work of the organizers

is documented in the section Photos. Rain is now prohibiting taking some forest pictures...

Message from org. team (2011/05/13)

Dear MTBO-friends,

KOS Plzeň organizers team has been busy last weeks making preparations for the MTBO 5 DAYS in order to offer you what you are used to in Pilsen. Final map surveying has been done, demanding courses have been formed in the heads of course-setters, event centers have been chosen, and last but not least, the every-night cultural program has been drafted. And frankly, (after all as always in Pilsen :-)) ) there is a lot of stuff you can look for!

We would like to point out that in two weeks comes the deadline for entries at the lowest price. If you register before May 25, you will get a free T-shirt with MTBO 5 DAYS logo in addition. So don't hesitate and register!

See you soon in Pilsen,
Organizers from KOS Plzeň

Information, entry form and lodging (2011/05/01)

ONLINE a and the forms will be aktiv on 5.5. at 00:00

Information on MTBO5days 2011 online!
Entry and accomodation (Camp Ostende) booking forms are ready as well. Being deactivated, they will get alive at midnight from May 4. to May 5.

Looking forward to seeing you in Pilsen!

Bike Adventure 2011(2011/04/23)

Partner competition

takes place during the weekend right after 5 days MTBO. Bike Adventure is well known as a great bike orienteering competition for a pair of bikers. These bikers can be either performers or tourists. Competitors of MTBO5DAYS are welcome to perfectly utilize their skills well tuned in Pilsen.

We have reserved almost half of the camp capacity for 7. and 8. July with the BA2011 participants in mind. You will be informed about the reservation procedure during the next days.


Accommodation in 2011(2011/03/14)

Autocamp Ostende

will be the main Centre of this year 5-days.
As usually, the entire capacity of the camp has been booked for the competition. Cabin or tent reservation will be possible via a system on this site only. The camp is not going to react to direct requests for accommodation.
The reservation system is expected to be ready at the beginning of April (postponed to end of the month).


Invitation for 2011(2010/11/28)

Dear friends of 5 Days MTBO

The answer to your frequent questions is "YES!"
We are going to organize 5 days MTBO in 2011.
You can get the first detail from the poster below.
Looking forward to seeing you in Pilsen next year.

KOS Plzeò