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Basic information

Race date and venue

2.- 6. July 2011 in Pilsen

Race characteristics

5-stages individual race in MTBO. Each of the five stages E1-E5 possesses a different character. Lovers of team competitions won't be disappointed either, they are invited to take part in the O-triatlon relays.


Czech Cup events 13., 14., 15. 2011


Orienteering sports club Pilsen based on authorization from Czech Orienteering Federation

Day by day

Camps opening



Event Center

Autokemp Ostende, 5 km north from Pilsen city center.
GPS Loc: 49°46'38.10"N, 13°23'24.50"E

Stages - venue, map, length

Stage Venue Start
from centre
Map Approx. length
Letkov 11:00 10 km Pytel, 1:15,000 50/40
Čižice 10:00 20 km Vysoká, 1:15,000 120/80
Škodapark 10:00 7 km Homolka, 1:7,500 15/15
Mrtník 10:00 18 km Mrdník, 1:15,000 50/40
kemp Ostende 10:00 0 km Ostende, 1:15,000 50/40
O-Triatlon relay
for teams of 3)
camp Ostende 18:00 0 km Foot-O: Aj med je na pi*u
Swim-O: Všechno je na pi*u
MTBO: Jen včely serù med
350 m
3 km

Stages - Officials

Stage Director Jury Mapper Course Author IOF-adviser
E1 Jan Hasman Ondra Vodrážka Jan Hasman Radek Svoboda --
E2 Stanislav Rauch Ondra Vodrážka Robert Anděl
Ondra Vodrážka
Ondřej Hašek Ondřej Hašek
E3 Radek Svoboda Ondra Vodrážka Jiří Bouchal Jiří Bouchal --
E4 Jiří Bouchal Ondra Vodrážka Jaroslav Fajtl sr.
Jaroslav Fajtl jr.
Ondřej Hašek
Ondra Vodrážka Ondřej Hašek
E5 Jan Hasman Ondra Vodrážka Stanislav Rauch Robert Anděl --

Technical info


H14, H17, H20, H40, H50, H21E, H21A, H21B, H21C
D14, D17, D20, D21E, D21A, D21B, D40, D50

OS (Open Short) and OL (Open Long)

Electronic punching system

Electronic punching system SPORTident will be used. Fill the number of your SI-card (finger stick) in the entry form.
If you do not have one, you can rent one from the organizers during check-in for 6,- Eur for the whole 5-days or 2,- Eur/day. To apply for a chip, check-in the box when registering.

SI-card will be rented against a refundable deposit of 32 Eur.

Additional information

All stages venues are reachable from the main centre by bike, just it may be a bit far sometimes (E1, E2).
It is possible to participate in some stages only.
Maps for practice will be available in the main centre.


Typical Pilsner terrain: moderately hilly, high density of tracks (E1,E5), various with wood paths as well as with fast tracks (E2, E4). Open park-like terrain with steeper down/uphills (E3).

Technical check

Every competitor must have a cycling helmet on. Bike technical check will be done for classes DH14, DH17 and O. All bikes must be equipped with tires of minimum width 1,5“.

Entry fee

Fee for MTBO5days includes:
- entry for the full 5days, 2 of them WRE
- accompanying program, such as O-triathlon, party, etc..
+++ T-shirt with 5DAYS MTBO logo is a part of entry for competitors registered for the whole 5days event before 25. May.

Entry fee is given in Eur.


Registration will be open and closed the evening before the race. Please watch for organizer's instructions.


  1. Capacity of a camp in the 5-days centre is reserved for the period of 1-6. July and almost half of its capacity is reserved until 8. July. This reservation was prepared mainly for the participants of our partner competition Bike Adventure 2011.
    If you plan to stay longer, enter the departure date in the reservation form.
    To reserve your accommodation, please use the reservation form.
    • Autocamp Ostende - competition centre
      Aerial view of the camp.
      Camp in the centre of 5-days. There are 152 beds available in cabins/bungalows. Cabins with 2, 3 or 4 beds, quality A or B. Bungalows with 5 beds with bathroom, toilet and kitchen corner. Price depends on the cabin type and its given in the reservation form.
    As usual, only whole cabins (not separate beds) can be booked.
  2. Tents can be pitched in the camps for 6,- Eur person/night.
  3. Own Camper/trailer in camp: price 8,- Eur person/night.
  4. For other accommodation possibilities in the Centre vicinity are in a list of guesthouses or you can check the Pilsen city information system
    Autocamp Bílá hora - 2km away from the centre. Bílá Hora is, compared to Ostende, older and worse equipped camp.


  1. There is a restaurant in the camp Ostende.
  2. Buffee will be provided by a specialized company in the event tent located in the main centre.


Parking fee is covered by accommodation fee and covers all events of the 5-days MTBO. Please follow organizers' instructions.

Bike depository

Those housed in cabins may take their machines inside.
Bike depository will be provided for the others in the main centre .

Prize giving ceremony

Awarding winners and prize giving ceremony is planned after each stage at 8 p.m.

Again, you can compete for 3 cycling jerseys:

Every day a surprise party

Registration, booking accommodation, check in


Please use the entry form to register.
After filling up all items and submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email with the total entry fee. This is a part of money you will need to take with you to Pilsen. Please pay cash at the check-in.

Booking accommodation

Booking cabins, persons in tents or campers is to be done by another form, the reservation form. Again, you will receive a confirmation mail with the total price for your booked accommodation. Please pay cash at the check-in.

Check in


Jan Hasman a Ondřej Hašek
info at