Original clip - Back to the start (2013/07/23)

GPS track (2013/07/11)

Upload your GPS tracks or draw your tracks from MTBO 5 days:

Thanks (2013/07/08)

On behalf of the organizers, thank you for your participation and great atmosphere!
We hope that you have enjoyed this sunny days and we look forward to see you again in two years in Pilsen :-)

3 x 3 is 8

Results (2013/07/04)

Check results here

Honey (2013/07/01)

In event centre is possible buy homemade honey (130CZK/kg)
Offer is limite, first come first served
Ask Hasa

Accomodation and bedlinen (2013/07/01)

Bedlinen are included in rooms

Bulletin (2013/06/29)

Bulletin has been published

Startlist (2013/06/28)

Startlist is published, chnages in startlist is possible only in event centre.

Startlist (2013/06/27)

Startlist is published

Additional requirement for meal order (2013/06/27)

Changes and additional meal order in event centre (menu)
Every day in 7:30-8:30 is possible order meal on next day (orders directly in canteen)
Meal time:
Breakfast 7:30-9:30
Lunch 12:00-14:30 (Stage 4 12:00-15:00)
Dinner 18:00-19:30 (till evnening ceremony)

Meal Order in Canteen (2013/06/24)

Remember meal order is possible only till June 26

Entry form closed (2013/06/24)

Online entry form definitely finished!!!
Later registration in event centre.

Startlist is in process, start number are printed.
Changes in registration send us by email, entries are limited by startlist, there is only limeted count of free positons!!!

Catering menu (2013/06/24)

Preliminary menu from catering

150g Smoked pork on the grill, bread, mustard 55,-
200g Chicken steak, mustard, bread 75,-
Hot Dog 15,-
Sausage (ham, pepper) 40,-
120g Fried cheese, fries, tartar sauce 85,-
250g Vegetable salad with chicken and dressing 85,-
250g Pasta salad, Fried steak 85,-
150g Fried steak 55,-
Toast with meat mixture and grated cheese 40,-
200g Pasta Gratin 75,-
200g Grilled vegetable (eggplant, zucchini, tomato, peppers, onions, etc.) 75,-
Soup 30,-
For breakfast fresh pies, rolls etc .

Training maps (2013/06/17)

Training maps will be available in event centre from June 30

Nabídka stravování (2013/06/13)

In event centre Sklarna is possible order meal:
breakfast-lunch-dinner - menu in order form
breakfast: 55CZK
lunch: 90CZK
dinner 90CZK
There are not many possibilites to buy foods or find restaurant around, we recommend to order meal.
Order till June 26
Make order in order form. We pass on your order to conductor, you will pay directly to him.
The meal is possible order in the place of event, but it is limited.
It's not allowed to cook in dormitory or hotel, it is possible only on your own cooks outside.

The lowest registration fee till friday (2013/06/02)

You have more time to registrate for the cheapest price, registrate till Friday June 6.

News from organizatiors (2013/06/01)

Avilable accomodation (2013/05/20)

Additional information (2013/05/13)

Bulletin, entry and accomodation (2013/05/08)

Bulletin is online, entry and acommodation reservations are running

Meal order will be available later, after publication of menu.

Anniversary year for MTBO 5 days (2013/04/29)

Preface or invitation by pilsner bikers

Dear competitors,
while our web-master is having a rest, we are fully on organization!

Check it:

What is missing?
The official description, do we need it at all?
To train some "numbers" for parties
To run the application and booking system for accommodation,
it will be availible on May 8

PS: we are preparing greate suprice for you....
look carefully the web-page, to be continued on May 1st!

We are looking forward to see you in 5days :-)
your KOS Pilsen team

INVITATION FOR 2013 (2012/10/07)

Dear MTBO friends

We present the fifth 5 days MTBO! It is planned as follows:

29.6.-2.7. training opportunity in Pilsen * maps availible by organizers*
Accommodation for this period won't be organized, please book by yourelf, e.g. Ostende.


Centre: Sklarna, 40km North from O-bike Czech city centre (Pilsen)
Accommodation will be organized via this web-site, information later.

Looking forward to seeing you at Sklarna.
KOS Plzeň