4. Stage of MTBO 5 days nominated for "The Course of the Year 2015"! (2015/12/02)

Support 5 Days and give your vote until 7.12.2015

Great, stage E4 of the MTBO 5 days made it among the courses nominated at the most prestigious server of the world orienteering WorldofO!

Do not know, whether it happened because of quality of the last 5 days party, superb orienteering terrain Krkavec with high density of tracks, joy Emily Benham (who uploaded the map) had riding the course, or because of the course setter experience :-)
In any case, the course W21E on map Krkavec has found itself in a great company of 70 competitions, such as: Oringen-u in Borås, JWOC, WMOC, MTBO and Ski-O World Championship and national championships of almost all orienteering countries of the world.

You can vote here:
It's simple: just set your "Top 5 List" for the best courses of 2015 - and send until December 7, 2015.

Vote for MTBO 5 days !!!

3x3 je 8!

Videos - all in one place (2015/07/17)

MTBO5days 2005-2015 history

MTBO5Days 2015 Who Will Win? (1/2)

MTBO5Days 2015 Who Will Win! (2/2)

and a video made by the French team

MTBO 5days finished today (2015/07/06)

Overall winners are Emily Benham and Vojtěch Stránský

We thank you for high number of participants, amazing preformance in the woods, water, behind a rifle, and in the party tent. Looking forward to seeing you again in two years near Pilsen!
KOS Plzeň

Photos (2015/07/06)

Collection of pictures from participants and organizers is forming up in Pictures

You are invited to share yours by sending us their link.
Thank you and safe trip home!

3x3 je 8!

Results (2015/07/03)

Section Results is updated and offers link to route tracking.

Bulletin and startlist online(2015/06/29)

Available for reading and downloading in sections Start list and Instruction bulletin

NOTE: change of start time of the first stage E1. E1 Start 00 is moved to 12:00!
Some small changes in E2 and E4 map scales as well.

PRACTICE: Training MTBO maps from previous years are available for you at the Autocamp reception.


Closing changes on 24.06. (2015/06/22)

Start lists will be generated afterwards

Starts lists will be published soon and so we need to ask those of you who already know there will be some change in your participation - such as missing some stages or coming earlier and participating in more stages than planned - please let us know until 24.06. All changes after this date will be only accepted at the reistration.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!

KOS Plzeň

Everybody has his own way to prepare for the MTBO 5 days(2015/06/17)

And how are YOU preparing?!?

Guess what do the KOS girls practice for?

First entry deadline postponed (2015/06/01)

Registration for the basic fee due at midnight 07.06.

There was a standard reaction to the deadline ... many postponements requests. We are very understanding organizers who love their competitors and have decided to help and moved the deadline by one week. But be aware, there won't be any postponement after 07.06. and the fee will be increased by 50% and by 100% after 14.06..
So, don't miss it!

KOS Plzeň

The first entry deadline is almost here! (2015/05/31)

Registration for the basic fee will close today, 31.5., at midnight.

While the organisers have been fully occupied with preparations, the first entry deadline is coming closer. The registration for the basic fee will close this Sunday (31.5.) by midnight. Don't be late, the MTBO5Days will be worth it!

KOS Plzeň

Surveyors are surveying, mappers are mapping, course setters are setting courses (2015/05/17)

and the hard work looks something like this

All cabins in Ostende booked now (2015/04/30)

Booking of cabins at Ostende campsite was incredibly fast

Thanks for your interest in MTBO5Days! It took just a little bit more than 60 seconds until all the cabins/bungalows were fully booked. See the list of the lucky ones in ORIS.
In case you booked more than your club really needs, please update your booking so the cabins are released for booking by others. For those who haven't managed to book the cabin, we are sorry. You might still stay in your tents and campers or find some other accommodation nearby. There are many options in Plzen and we are ready to support.

KOS Plzeň

Information Bulletin uploaded (2015/04/28)

and Event registration launched in ORIS system

We published the Information Bulletin over the weekend Information. You can find there all the info needed for registration and accommodation booking.
Please note that the registration for the races has already been launched via ORIS .
IMPORTANT: Booking of cabins at Ostende campsite will be launched this Thursday, April 30, at 12:00 CEST. We expect all the cabins to be quickly gone, so please make sure to create your ORIS user account and register for the MTBO5days beforehand so you can book immediately when we launch it! The accommodation will be booked as the 'Additional Service' with your registration (one person can book multiple cabins for the club).
Please do not book more than you will really use!

KOS Plzeň

2015 is here and so are the 5-day in Pilsen!(2015/01/17)

European Capital of Culture 2015

and yes, it is not a coincidence that 5-days have been in Pilsen.. there is always something special to look forward to!

KOS Plzeň