Date and Venue

5.- 9. July 2017 in Plasy

Event Type

Individual multi-stage MTBO race. Each of four stages is of a different type.
Czech Relay Championship, separate event, does not count into 5days results.
O-Triathlon relay, additional attraction.


11th, 12th, and 13th Czech Cup 2017 event, Czech Sprint Championship in Sprint and Czech Championship
2 World Ranking Events (WRE)
2 World Master Series Events 


Klub orientačních sportů Slavia Plzeň on behalf of the Czech O-Federation


Campsite Opening

  • July 1


  • International youth MTBO training camp takes part July 1.-4. 2017.
  • Accommodation in centre also possible for non-participating in the training camp. Training, however, allowed only on Pilsen maps from previous MTBO5Days!


  • July 5: Stage 1 – middle, 11. Czech Cup, World Master Series
  • July 6: Stage 2 – sprint, 12. Czech Cup, Czech Championship Sprint, World Ranking Event, World Master Series
    late afternoon: Relay in O-Triathlon
  • July 7 Czech Championship Relay
  • July 8: Stage 3 – long, 13. Czech Cup,World Ranking Event
  • July 9: Stage 4 – semi-free order, chasing start

Event Centre

RS Máj Plasy, GPS Loc: 49.9403936N, 13.3740350E: – tourist map (English version)


Stage Competition Centre Start
from EC
Map Estimated length
E1 (middle) Plasy 11:00 4 km 1:15,000 55/45
E2 (sprint) Plasy 8:00 2 km 1:7,500 20/20
Relay Plasy 10:00 0 km 1:15,000 40/35
E3 (long) Plasy 10:00
Mass Interval start
17 km 1:15,000 110/105
E4 (semifree order) Plasy 10:00 1 km 1:15,000 60/45
O-Triathlon relay
for teams of three)
Plasy 18:00  o km  Foot-O
MTBO free order
 2.5 km
5 km
1.2 km

All Centres except E3 (long) are reachable  from the Event Centre by bike ONLY.


Stage Director Controller  Course setter IOF-advisor
E1 Ondřej Hašek Ondra Vodrážka Radek Svoboda
E2 Ondřej Hašek Ondra Vodrážka Martin Les Jiří Vraný
Relay Ondřej Hašek Ondra Vodrážka Jiří Bouchal
E3 Jan Hasman Ondra Vodrážka Ondřej Hašek Jiří Vraný
E4 Ondřej Hašek Ondra Vodrážka Robert Anděl
O-Triathlon Tomáš Kamaryt Jan Hasman Marie Březinová



M14, M17, M20, M21E, M21A, M21B, M21C, M40, M50, M60, M70, M80

W14, W17, W20, W21E, W21A, W21B, M40, W50, W60, W70

MW-12, Open

For the World Master Series races, there will be the same course for 35-40-45, 50-55, and 60-65-70-75-80. If you wish to be registered in any of the classes MW35, MW45, MW55, MW65, MW75, please add a note to your registration in ORIS with your date of birth and selected WMS category.

If there are less than 4 competitors in one class, some categories could be merged (this does not apply for categories M/W-14,-17,-20)


SPORT Ident – Competitor can a classic SI card from organizers (rental: 1 stage/50 CZK=2 EUR). Request for SI card rental is part of registration in ORIS.
Non-registered competitors will be asked for a refundable deposit of 1,000,-CZK for each rented SI card.


Only allowed on previous MTBO5Days maps except the map ‘Zmrtníku’ of MTBO5Days 2011. Maps will be available in Event Centre.

Embargoed Area

Embargoed (old) maps:

Zmrtníku MTBO (2011)

Železnice OB (2012)

Peklo OB (2017)

Plasy OB (2017)

Hýrovy hory OB (2017)


Flat, hilly, fast, slow, with high, medium and low density of tracks and paths.

Technical check

Each competitor needs to wear a cycling helmet. Technical check of bikes will performed for classes WM12, WM14, WM17. All bikes must be equipped with tyres with minimum width of 1.5″.


MTBO5days registration fee covers:
– starting fee for the individual MTBO5Days races (4 stages), including 3 Czech Cup races ( & 2 WRE, 2 WME)
– additional program, such as O-Triathlon and every-night culture:-)
– bike depository
– car parking within the campsite

  • Registration for all 4 individual races of the MTBO5Days
     Class 12,14 17,20 21,40,50,60 Open
    before 31.5. 200,- 400,- 800,- 400,-
    before 14.6. 300,- 600,- 1000,- 600,-
    before 25.6. 400,- 800,- 1500,- 800,-

    – Please register through the ORIS online system via this event: MTBO5Days Plzeň
    – Registration for the MTBO5days also covers the Czech Cup and WRE races.
    – ORIS user account is required for registration (at least one per club). In case you do not have your user account in ORIS, you can create one at (Under the ‘Create User’ tab).
    – Registration and changes from 26.06.2017 will be only possible in the event centre and subject to availability at that time
    – In case of any questions concerning the registration, please contact lesova . marketa at gmail . com

  • Separate registration for the Czech Cup Races (before 31.5.2017):
    Class M/W: 12,14 17,20 21,40,50,60 Open
    11. Czech Cup (E1) 60,- 110,- 150,- 100,-
    12. Czech Cup (E2) 60,- 110,- 150,- 100,-
    13. Czech Cup (E3) 60,- 110,- 170,- 100,-
  • The registration fee will be increased by 25% for registrations between 1.6.-14.6.
  • The registration fee will be increased by 100% for registrations between 15.6.-25.6.
  •  Registration and changes from 26.06.2017 will be only possible in the event centre and subject to availability at that time
  • Competitors registered for the Czech Cup races only will be charged 100 CZK (4 EUR) for the parking in the event centre (fee covers all days)
  • When registering for the Czech Cup/WRE races only, register via the ‘umbrella’ MTBO5Days event as well and select the Stages 1,2,3.
  • Registration for Czech Championship Relay (before 14.6.)
    Class M/W: M20





    (each relay member over 40 years of age)

    before 14.6. 330,- 420,- 420,- 420,-
  • The registration fee will be increased by 100% for registrations between 15.6.-25.6.
    – Czech Relay Championship registration via separate event link.
  • Further Information:
    – It is also possible to register for E4 separately via ORIS
    – Changes after the publishing the start list on competition site will be charged by 100 CZK
    – O-Triathlon: registration will open and close in the evening before the race.Payment:
  • – Start fees are in CZK (for CZK transfers, use the account number 2601203427 / 2010 in Fio banka).
  • Payment instructions for EUR transactions
    • The fee that should be paid for your club is available here in ORIS. However, the fee is listed in Czech Crowns (CZK). For EUR payment, please calculate the EUR amount to be paid with the exchange rate of 25,00 CZK/EUR.
    • Please use SEPA payment in EUR to our EUR bank account:
      IBAN: CZ2620100000002201203452
      Owner of the account: Klub orientačních sportů Slavia Plzeň, z. s.
      Bank: Fio banka a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21 Praha 1, IČ 61858374
    • When making the transaction, please include the ‘variable symbol’ generated by ORIS in the Event Entries in ORIS
    • The SEPA payment from Eurozone countries should normally be for free (depends on your bank). In any case, please make sure that any fees for the international bank transfer are covered by the sender and that they are not deducted from the transferred amount. Otherwise we will collect the missing amount at the registration
    • You can check that your payment has been well received in the Fee list in ORIS (in the ‘PAID’ column). Just give us some two weeks to process it.
    • If case of problems or too high costs to pay via bank, you can also pay cash at the registration before the race.


The whole camp of RS Máj is booked from July 1 till July 9 for the MTBO5Days. It serves as the center oof the race (Event Centre).

To book your accommodation, use ORIS, Additional services. A user account registered for the MTBO5days (at least one per club) is needed in order to be able to book accommodation. Booking of cabins/bungalows will be first activated for booking of full 5 nights only.

Registration and Accommodation booking will be activated on 20. 4. 2017 at 12:00 CEST sharp.

The accommodation options in the event centre (RS Máj):

  • 4-bed cabin / 5 nights Tue-Sun (120 EUR) – 40 cabins
  • 6-bed cabin / 5 nights Tue-Sun (180 EUR) – 14 cabins
  • 3-bed room in building C2 / 5 nights Tue-Sun (120 EUR) – 1 room
  • 6-bed room in building C2 / 5 nights Tue-Sun (240 EUR) – 1 room
  • 7-bed room in building C2 / 5 nights Tue-Sun (280 EUR) – 1 room
  • 3-bed room in building D1 / 5 nights Tue-Sun (120 EUR) – 1 room
  • 6-bed room in building D1 / 5 nights Tue-Sun (240 EUR) – 1 room
  • 7-bed room in building D1 / 5 nights Tue-Sun (280 EUR) – 1 room
  • 3-bed room in building D2 / 5 nights Tue-Sun (120 EUR) – 1 room
  • 6-bed room in building D2 / 5 nights Tue-Sun (240 EUR) – 1 room
  • 7-bed room in building D2 / 5 nights Tue-Sun (280 EUR) – 1 room
  • 2-bed minicabin (canvas tent on a wooden platform – photo) / 5 nights Tue-Sun (50 EUR) – 20 pcs
  • 4-bed minicabin (2 canvas tents on wooden platforms with a shared tent ‘foyer’) / 5 nights Tue-Sun (100 EUR) – 25 pcs

There is an unlimited capacity for tents, flat rate: 4,- EUR per person/night (children under 10 free).

Own caravan in camp: price 4 EUR per person / night (children under 10 free). The camp is not designed for caravans. Electricity may be charged separately.

The accommodation options in RS Zátiší (just next to the event centre):

  • 3-bed room/5 nights Tue-Sun (120 EUR) – 1 room
  • 4-bed room/5 nights Tue-Sun (160 EUR) – 1 room
  • 7-bed room/5 nights Tue-Sun (280 EUR) – 6 rooms

CAUTION: The accommodation shall be paid before 14 June. Unpaid bookings will be cancelled and released for further booking  (on 19.6. at 12:00 CEST)

Those registering for the Czech Cup races only will be able to book the accommodation from 19.6.2015 when some unpaid cabins from the first phase of orders will be released. No guaranty though.

Accommodation before 1.7.2017

Accommodation in the camp is not possible before 1.7.2017. Please look for accommodation in Pilsen, where the training maps are available, try e.g. Camp Bolevak (Ostende).


  • Catering will be provided by a designated company in the main MTBO5DAYS tent located in the main centre.
  • There is a restaurant in the camp Ostende.
  • There will be a kiosk with coffee and pastries for breakfast.


Parking fee is covered by accommodation fee and covers all events of the 5-days MTBO. Please follow organizers’ instructions.

Bike depository

Room will be provided for your bike storage.

Prize giving ceremony

Prize giving ceremony is planned after each stage at 20:00.

And again, you can compete for the jerseys:

  • green – SPRINTER
  • dot – 4th place with the smallest loss on 3rd.

A surprise party every day.

Event office hours

  • 5 Days MTBO:
    July 4: 16.00-22.00 in the event centre
    July 5: 9.00 – 10.30 in the stage centre E1
  • Individual stages:
    evening (18:00 – 19:00) before each stage, in the event centre
  • Relay (Czech Championship):
    until July 7, 17:00 in ORIS


Jan Hasman and Ondřej Hašek
info at